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Every machine and business process built to customer specifications.

Integrations with third party platforms and products available (IBM POWER, G Suite, AODocs, JasperSoft, and more).


Native web and mobile interfaces.


Simple ongoing subscription per machine.


Dedicated and branded subdomains on machinic.io.


Easy maintenance of users and roles by organization administrators.

About Us

For over a decade, founders Caleb Shingledecker and Jordan Peacock have designed, developed and supported enterprise software solutions for hundreds of clients around the United States and the across the world.

As Becoming Machinic, they've built a business process automation framework (machinic.io) that scales to meet the volume and tempo of your organization, dependably backed by our cloud infrastructure. Machine design is modular and capable of accommodating the inevitable oddities of the real world.

Our API is platform agnostic, but we have not forgotten where you are or where we came from: our twenty years of combined experience with various Unixes/Linux as well as IBM midrange servers (aka iSeries, AS/400, POWER) has put us in good stead to provide solutions any and all business platforms.

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Our Technology

We own our technology stack, utilizing the best of the latest enhancements to Java, backed by the graph database OrientDB, all accessible via a robust, RESTful API.


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